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Get Into The Right Mindset For Successful Weight Loss | Easy Tips To Help You

Tips To help you get into the right mindset for successful weight loss noteablelists

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10 Tips To help you get into the right mindset for successful weight loss: 

1. Find out the reason you want to lose weight

Try to define all the reasons you want to lose weight, and keep note of them by writing them down or storing them on you electronically. This will help you commit and continue to stay motivated to reach your desired goal.

I personally love leaving little notes on the mirror or on my fridge.

Make a habit of going through your list daily so you’re constantly reminding yourself anytime you get swayed to fall off your diet or health plan.

Examples of reasons why you want to lose weight…

  •        You want to keep up with your children/grandchildren
  •        You have a bikini you haven’t fit into in a long time and you are determined to fit into THIS SUMMER
  •        Vacation ready body
  •        Want to get six-pack abs
  •        Want to fit into an old pair of jeans
  •        Wedding/bridesmaid dress you need to fit into
  •        Want to prevent/improve your diabetes (Read more – Weight loss when you have diabetes)

Generally, people usually try to lose weight because their doctor or family members suggested it. Research has shown that people are more likely to succeed with weight loss when they are the ones motivating themselves (study).

2. Keep A Weight Loss Journal

Holding yourself accountable is a CRUCIAL part of the puzzle when it comes to keeping yourself motivated and staying in the right mindset.

Studies have shown that people who keep track of the food they are consuming are more likely to lose weight, and most importantly, MAINTAIN that weight loss (study).

It takes more than just writing down some of the foods, you have to include EVERYTHING! Yes, even the bad stuff. Accountability is everything!

You can even go as far as writing down your emotions in your food journal. This will help you pinpoint which emotional trigger caused the overeating in the first place.

This way, you will be better prepared and be able to cope better the next time around.

It doesn’t matter if you write them down, or keep track of them in an app like MyFitnessPal, both ways have been shown to be very effective (study).

3. Celebrate your successes

Achieving weight loss can be difficult. This is why It’s extremely important you reward yourself by celebrating your successes.

Even if it’s just a baby step toward reaching your goal, it’s important that you give yourself some type of reward. Research shows that having a reward system can help tremendously with motivation (study).

Perhaps one way you could celebrate your success is by going out and shopping for some clothes that you can’t quite fit into yet.

This will not only help keep you excited, but will further your motivation to keep yourself on track.

I personally love going out to eat and grabbing some food with friends and family, or even going out to see a new movie.

4. Get Some Social Support

People need to receive some type of positive feedback to help them stay on the right track.

So, make sure you let your family and friends know about your goals so they can help support you as you embark on your weight loss journey.

I personally like to have a weight loss buddy to help hold me accountable. In turn, we both keep each other on track and make sure we’re not missing out on any workouts or eating food we’re not supposed to.

You might want to consider joining an online weight loss support group. Both in-person and online support groups have proven to be very effective and helpful (study).

5. Commit To Your Goal Publicly

Studies show that people who make a public commitment are more likely to follow through with their goals (study).

Telling others about your weight loss journey can definitely help you stay committed. The more people you share with, the greater your accountability.

Some ideas for types of commitment ‘s you could make could be to

  • Join a 5k
  • Plan a beach vacation you know you want to look good for
  • Pay for a package exercise program to make sure you actually follow through on your goals

6. Prepare Yourself For Setbacks

No matter what, things are going to come up. Whether it’s a birthday party, holiday party, work and family related stress.

I personally have all kinds of things pop up when it comes to my son.

Sometimes it’s his school events, baseball, or having to go out of town for his boy scouts camping trip.

What you should focus on is finding a way to start problem solving to come up with different ideas on how to overcome these weight loss challenges and setbacks.

Doing so will prevent you from falling off track and losing your motivation (study).

One of the biggest obstacles most people struggle with is NOT turning to food as a means of comfort. As a result, people quickly abandon their weight loss goals and completely fall off track.

I’ve fallen victim to this a COUNTLESS number of times. It took me many years of struggling before I realized I needed to find better ways to cope with stress.

Some great methods you can apply today to help you cope with stress better is to incorporate:

  •        Exercise
  •        Go for a walk and get some fresh air
  •        Practice slow breathing
  •        Take a bath
  •        Call a friend

7. Find The Right Workout

Being physically active plays a big role when it comes to losing weight. In addition to it helping you burn calories; it also improves your overall well-being.

While there are many different forms of exercise, there is only one exercise that will work best for you, and that is the workout you actually ENJOY!

Yes, you need to actually be excited about working out, otherwise it will just turn into another failed attempt. The most effective exercise is actually like doing!

Some other things you can do to make the workouts more enjoyable would be to listen to music. Research has actually shown that people tend to exercise longer when listening to music (study).

Bottom line, find what works for you, and then follow through by sticking to it!

8. Find a Role Model

Having someone you can look up to can do wonders for your motivation.

What I used to do, was put up pictures of athletes on my fridge to help motivate me. Unfortunately, this didn’t work very long because it was LITERALLY just a picture.

Research has shown that having a relatable and positive role model can help you stay motivated (study)

For me, it wasn’t until I started following my ideal role model on YouTube, which was someone I could ACTUALLY relate to before I started seeing real progress.

It doesn’t have to be someone you idolize on YouTube or in Hollywood, it could even be a friend of yours who recently just lost a lot of weight.

All that matters is it’s someone YOU can relate to.

9. Think Positively

If you feel positive, talk positive, and act positive, your outcome will be positive.

Research shows that people tend to reach their goals more effectively when they have a positive and confident mindset (study).

Optimism goes a long way!

10. Learn To Love and Appreciate Your Body

Research has shown time and again that people who do not like their bodies tend to struggle with losing weight (study 1, study 2)

Don’t beat yourself up, instead, appreciate what your body can do and any progress you have made.

Here are some activities you can incorporate to help boost your body image:

  •        Exercise
  •        Leave positive notes about your body on the mirror
  •        Wear clothes that you like and fit you well
  •        Appreciate what your body can do

Just remember to have a positive mindset about yourself and you will succeed!

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