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If you are planning to give a makeover to your home interiors, there’s nothing better than adding a bit of greens here and there. Plants instantly bring life into a dull and boring room, give fresh air and also maintain the perfect modern-lifestyle-like decor.

You must have seen tons of images on Pinterest and even on Instagram already where people prep up their home decor with ample of greenery. Now, it isn’t an easy task figuring out which plant would be suitable for your home interiors given every apartment or house has a different size, window space, white background and the colour palette to go with green.

If you don’t have a lot of space for pots on the ground, you can rely on hanging plants to add that lush, beauty and colorful feels to your decor. Hanging plants are easy to grow and require less maintenance as compared to other potted plants which makes it a more feasible and preferable option.

Types of Hanging Plants for Your House

Room Ideal Types of Hanging Plants
Living Room Expressive, long vines, colorful with flowers
Kitchen Tropical, practical, usable (herbs), pests repellent
Bedroom Minimalist, green, easy to maintain, fragrant
Bathroom Tropical (low light / humid plants)
Dining Room Expressive, Green, Vibrant

Best Indoor Hanging Plants Hard to Kill

Here is a list of the top 10 indoor hanging plants which can help you give an opulent and subtle look to your personal space:

1. Indoor Ivy

You can easily get an indoor ivy plants like Persian Ivy (Hedera colchica) or Algerian Ivy (hedera canariensis) from the local nursery. Another good recommendation for Ivy indoor hanging plants is the English Ivy. It grows really fast and immensely dense.

One should avoid planting an English Ivy vine outside since it can get pretty invasive and unstoppable at a certain point of time. Also, English ivy is available in many shades including cream, purple and yellow.

Hang your ivy plants right near the window for them to catch a little sunlight and keep them healthy. One of the major issues people face with growing vines is that they either water them too less or too much. Also,remember to buy a pot with a hole at the bottom for the water to drain to avoid root rot. 

2. Arrowhead Plant

Arrowhead plants (Nephthytis) is an eminent vine which trails off the edge of the pot beautifully. It can be wrapped around a bookshelf or near the study table to make your room look more nature-like. Remember to place it in a humid area and not under direct sunlight.

Bathrooms are the ideal place to hang arrowhead plants since the atmosphere has a bit of mist and keeps them fresh. They have beautiful large, textured, heart shaped leaves in the shades of green and dark purple that look amazingly fresh and give that really nice vibe to the whole space.

3. Spider Plant

Spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum) makes stunning bedroom plants. They add visual contrast to the interiors and are quite sustainable in bright to medium light. Spider plants are also low maintenance plants which makes them an ideal option for beginner gardeners who are not quite the expert on how to grow plants or in determining the correct soil type, etc.

They have large, emerging, thin leaves with a petite structure which definitely catches the eyeballs. You can hang them near the window, somewhere close the wall and they will instantly change the aura of the room.

4. Devil’s Ivy or Money Plant

Devil’s Ivy (Epipremnum aureum) commonly goes by the name of “Money Plant” in the Indian subcontinent. As per Vastu experts, growing money plants inside the house brings good luck and prosperity. They also suggest placing it in the south direction of the living room/space for more effect.

Money plants  require partial to bright sunlight which means you can easily place them anywhere in the living room. It is this reason why money plants are known as Devil’s Ivy – they can survive even in dark places and are extremely hard to kill.

Make sure you place them in a pot which has a hole for drainage to avoid root rot. Check that the soil is completely dry before you water it.

5.  Boston Fern

Boston fern is known to be one of the best indoor hanging plants for purifying breathing air. It has a vibrant green colour which brings the fresh vibe with it and it also gives a charm to the whole place. It is best fitted for living rooms with ample of space and light.

You can either pot it in a traditional basket or hang it through a ceiling rope hanger. The entire bunch of boston fern looks super full and can compensate for lack of greenery anytime! Hang it near a window or someplace close to sunlight so the leaves shine bright and help in purifying all the dust, pollution and chemicals coming in.

6. Shamrock Plant

Shamrock plant (Oxalis regnellii) is a wonderful perennial plant which can be found in a stunning shade of dark purple. Though it is edible, but it is recommended to not overingest the plant as it can become fatal.

It needs bright sunlight but a cool temperature to grow, so basically you can put it in front of a door through which sunlight comes in and maintain a cool temperature of the room it is placed in.

7. English Lavender

If you want an indoor plant which comes with a beautiful fragrance of its own and repels the flies at the same time, this is what you have been looking for. English lavender is amongst the prettiest and most charming indoor hanging plants. It is an easy to care for plant which requires less maintenance and grows in dry soil.

Place them under direct sunlight or somewhere near a window where they can absorb all the sunshine and grow better. Aromatic plants like lavender are equally suitable in summer garden also. 

With this, I have summed up 7 indoor hanging plants that are an easy buy and a less maintenance decor item. Apart from making your place beautiful, plants also keep it fresh and more lively. Bringing more plants in your home can actually change your mood and amp up the whole vibe!

You can set it with different tones and even change the wall colours to bring more life to the space. White backgrounds are the ideal picks by professional home interior designers, but you can figure out which colour would suit the best and how you like your room to be.

Supposedly, you have yellow walls, the english lavender would just pep it up and give an instant fresh color block pattern which would make a great Instagram corner for your pictures.

Easy to grow and sustain, indoor hanging plants are definitely the ideal home decor piece you should go for.

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