Bridal Makeup Tips for Beautiful Indian Brides

Bridal Makeup Tips For Beautiful Indian Brides

Indian Brides – Manifestation of Vibrant Culture and Divine Beauty

Every Indian bride is a personified reflection of culture and glamour. Every bride wants to look stunningly beautiful on her wedding day. Right from the selection of outfit, jewellery, accessories, footwear and makeup; she wants everything to be best and outstanding. Wedding day is special in the life of every bride and remains memorable for the lifetime.

Importance of Makeup in Bride’s Beauty

Makeup has magical qualities of enhancing the natural beauty and can work wonders on your appearance. Here it is very important to mention that best bridal makeup needs a base of good skin care regime followed by a bride at least a month.

Things need to be considered for Bridal Makeup

We are wedding planner in bangkok sharing some amazing yet simple to be followed makeup tips to turn every bride a ravishing DIVA on her wedding day.

  1. Consider Climate Conditions

A Climate of the wedding location should be carefully considered especially when you are planning a destination wedding as it plays a very crucial role. Choose the makeup type and base as per weather conditions, like creamy makeup is good in winters but messy in summers.

  1. Timing of Wedding and Makeup

Timing of the wedding is a very important factor since the makeup of day and night times are bit different. Day time wedding look of the bride will bloom with pastel shades and there should be minimal space for shimmers and glitters. Similarly, the decoration lights used during night time celebrations play an important role in the appearance of the bride.

  1. Health and Sensitivity of Skin

Every bride should follow the skin care regime at least one or two months of weddings. Pollution, dirt and stress of today’s life are the real enemies of healthy skin. Intensive regular care is not possible in daily routine, but is definitely required before the actual day of the wedding. The sensitivity of skin towards different makeup products can affect the wedding day appearance, hence demo trial of makeup products is a must.

  1. Plan Makeup according to Costume and Jewellery

The bridal outfit, jewellery and makeup are the major factors that determine the look of a bride. Shades of eye shadow, lipstick, highlighter and contouring should be complementary to the outfit and jewellery and should accentuate the aura of a bride. Colours of beads, stones and threads used on the bridal outfit along with colours of stones in jewellery impact the various shades used in the makeup of the bride. For instance, colour matching of Bride’s Bindi with the stones of jewellery getting trendy.

  1. Theme of Wedding

 The theme of the wedding is a very important factor that every makeup artist should consider while makeup application. Concept of theme wedding is getting popular. And makeup differs with the theme. For example, if you are choosing bollywood theme, then bold makeup will match with your theme and similarly classy makeup will suit with vintage style wedding.

  1. Adequate Time

Bridal makeup is different from normal party makeup and needs more time and effort. Settling time of makeup and finishing touch are two major things that every bridal makeup should have in the process of getting ready for the wedding day. Similarly, comfortable fit of wedding dress, hair styling and adorning bridal accessories are also part of bridal makeup. Every bride should reach the parlour well in time. Delay can cause the unnecessary anxiety and stress.

  1. Makeup Trial

A makeup trial is very much necessary. It is really recommended to have a trial to avoid the big mess on the wedding day. A makeup trial helps to know each other preferences and mood of makeup and hairstyling. Makeup trial will help you gain the best looks for the wedding day.

  1. Adequate Rest is a must

 Adequate rest is a must for every bride to avoid puffed eyes and dark circles. Restlessness and inadequate sleep are major reasons responsible dull looks. A fresh face and relaxed minds are equally important and required for every bride.

  1. Careful Selection of Bridal Accessories

Bridal accessories are very important as all these accentuate the look of a bride. It includes everything from hair accessories to jewellery. Everything of the bride, for instance, accessories, outfit and makeup should be complementary to each other and only then it can add allure to the aura of the bride.

Makeup Application Tips

  • Massage with an ice cube on the face for fresh looks and long lasting impact of makeup
  • In case your skin is prone to acne, apply Aloe Vera gel on the face after cleansing before applying any makeup and moisturizer.
  • Keep milk dipped cotton on eyes for 10-15 minutes to end redness of eyes.
  • Let the makeup base settle first, before going for highlighting and contouring.
  • Eye primer is equally important as a face primer and even face primer can also be applied on eyes.
  • Artificial eye lashes can damage your natural eye lashes, you should try two coats of mascara by heating the mascara brush with a hairdryer.
  • Never miss the makeup application on the neck area, otherwise face will look different from the neck.
  • The shade of foundation should never be selected with the motive of fair looks.
  • Matt Lip shades should be preferred over glossy lip shades and these are also in trends.
  • Sparkle eye shadow should be applied the only basis of the suitability.

 Worthy Words for Bride

A good skin care regime is must hence, should be implemented at least one to two month before the day of the wedding. Use makeup application to enhance the natural appearance rather than hiding the marks and blemishes of the skin.

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