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Review | Masala Monk’s Ammiji’s Chai Masala

Masala Monk’s Ammiji’s Chai Masala - review

A cup of chai is one of the favourite refreshing drinks for many of my friends and me too. But when the soothing taste is amplified with a chai masala, there are not enough words to express the love for chai. So, out of respect for all chai lovers, I have recently tried a chai masala recipe curated from the hands of a mother to make sure that the next cup of tea soothes you. And doing justice to the architect of this great blend of spices for tea, this is called as Ammiji’s Chai Masala.

What made me even more excited after I read that name to try out the handmade and homemade recipe. So I placed an order for the same through Masala Monk and it was said that the item will be placed in one of my kitchen shelves in a week or so. Well, that wasn’t too long if could make feel the perfect taste of chai with a flavor of motherly love and care in it. Eventually, the packet arrived and what I discovered later was worth a share. So, give a two minute read this review of Ammiji’s Chai Masala and get to know almost everything about this product.

I Got My Parcel

Yes, this review begins from the very initial phase of the chai masala and delivery is a part of it. I believe this is when the first impression of the product and its creators is established. So, doing right by the intimation at the time of placing the order, it was delivered within the window mentioned. Just to inform you, the due date mentioned is also counted in the delivery window.

And my package has arrived with enough bubble wrap and cover to make sure it wasn’t damaged at all. By this time, I was highly curious to find out all about Ammiji’s Chai Masala. It was delivered in a small jar of glass containing as much as 100 grams of the chai masala which was tempting as soon as the lid was opened. And I moved to my kitchen to prepare myself a cup of tea with the brand new chai masala.

The Taste Of Ammiji’s Chai Masala

I added about half a tablespoon of this brand new masala to my pan without diluting or altering the proportions of other ingredients of the tea. And to my surprise, my cup of tea was better than ever. It actually tasted better and I was happy with my recent purchase. There was a soothing effect with this cup of chai and required no additional brewing either.

This makes sure that the ingredients used for preparing this chai masala were fresh, had been chosen carefully and processed with ample amount of time. The powder was fine enough and no mini tits and bits of any of the components gave any kind of trouble. And I am pretty much in favour of adding this to my cup every time now.

The Key Ingredients

Once I opened the lid after receiving my parcel and then after tasting the cup of tea prepared using it, I could easily tell that cardamom and cinnamon were the main materials used in its processing. The aroma coming because of these two was fantastic and yes inviting too.

I believe that these two ingredients had been mixed in best proportions by its makers to give the perfect taste and fragrance which is strong yet so appealing.

As the jar reads, another main contributing material of this chai masala was star anise. All these combined together gave the everyday cup of tea an optimum level of satisfaction.

The Name Of Ammiji’s Chai Masala

Though many products around us have a logical name but there was more meaning in the name of Ammiji’s Chai Masala.

This handmade and homemade recipe of chai masala was invented in the 1940’s by a young lady for her love of chai. The perfect taste and aroma which we have talked about till now was the result of several experiments she made back then until she made what soothed her and comforted her. She passed on this taste to her family members and was loved by her grandchildren whom called her Ammi.

Her grandchildren decided to put forward the ecstasy to the world. They shared that their Ammi tried a long list of ingredients while preparing this chai masala and gradually narrowed them to three.

This recipe is now housing in many kitchen shelves today and adding the soothing taste to everyone’s cup of tea.

The Health Benefits Of Ammiji’s Chai Masala

Given that the entire mixture has been prepared at home with fresh spices, it has inherited some of the health benefits of its key ingredients. The main ones are improving digestion, better immunity and vitality also.

And apart from being always added to a cup of tea, this masala is also recommended to be a part of kheer, puddings and other deserts to add aroma of cardamom and cinnamon in it.

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