Plants To Grow Easily For A New Gardener

Plants To Grow Easily For A New Gardener

Growing your garden can be an enjoyable thing to do. Gardening to many is a past time recreation, but if you have taken up gardening as a new hobby or as a passion, then growing these foods will give you the right motivation. You can create a summer garden full of aromatic plants or healthy vegetables. Later on you can enjoy the fruits of your labor by growing these edibles and sitting back and enjoying your little harvest. 


Beginners can start by planting a bed of leaf lettuce with minimal efforts. Three weeks and your first greens will be ready to harvest.

The seeds required for growing lettuce can be easily sourced from any store, or you can opt to pick a plant at your local nursery. One can plant Lettuce in early spring or at temperatures below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Now what makes Lettuce easy to grow is that it can be directly sown.

Lettuces tick because one can plant small crops at a time with the harvest of lettuce constantly coming in for months. You will not be overrun with a lot of stock of lettuce.

It is a wonderful idea to grow lettuce every two-three weeks in the growing season. The harvest usually takes 65-80 days depending on the type of lettuce grown.


Beans also are easy to grow because like Lettuce, it can be sowed directly. The first step to grow beans is to identify suitable kind of beans that can easily grow in your environment. If you have to plant beans they need to be done in a well-used up soil and a place where they can get good sunlight.

A thick layer of compost has to be set on the row in which the seeds can be directly planted. The tiny green beans will start sprouting up in a few weeks. The usual harvest time is between 55-65 days. The ideal time to plant it is early summer.


Cucumbers are one of the easiest vegetables to grow. One can decide to grow them in the garden or a container without any hassle. They can be planted directly into the ground but need ample sunlight for it to come out well.

Composting also is a must when planting them. Cucumbers are a vine, so as long as sufficient space is given to them they will have a good amount of space to grow and in large numbers.

Cucumbers also need regular watering and take 48 to 65 days to harvest. They are best grown in the summer season with a germination time of 4 to 13 days.

Root vegetables like Radish or Carrot

Among all the root vegetables, radishes and carrots are perhaps the easiest ones to grow. They also can be directly sown into the ground or into a container. To successfully grow any root vegetables, one must ensure that the seeds are not overcrowded.

One must also take care that the dirt is loose which will give them space to grow. Once the seedlings start erupting, clusters need to be thinned so that the plants have enough room to grow. The usual time for harvest is between 60 – 80 days and the best time to plant is spring or summer-fall. Too much of sunlight will not help hence partial shade is more than sufficient to grow the plant. 


Tomatoes are the most-grown food in many households during summers. They are very easy to grow and ideal for first-time gardeners. They first need to be started indoors and then be taken outside after 4-6 weeks. Once the seedlings are out, they need to be planted in direct sunlight and full-drained soil.

It is important to confirm that the frost has been removed before planting. They grow well in heat and hate the cold, so one has to see to it that they get sufficient sunlight.

Tomatoes should not be planted with peppers as bees can cross-pollinate peppers and tomatoes. Early summer is the right time to start with harvesting happening between 2 to 3 months. 


Extremely tasty and full of flavor, pepper-like tomatoes very easy to grow too. Like tomatoes, they are also recommended to be grown indoors for 4-6 weeks and then be taken outside. They need heat too and will do extremely well if they are placed a few rows after tomatoes.

They can be planted until after the problem of frost has been overcome. Once they are planted outside they need to be placed under direct sunlight. They have to be planted at least 4 inches apart so that they can take their space to grow. Make sure to compost and to place it in well-drained soil for a successful harvest. Quite similar to tomatoes they also take around 80 days to spruce up beautifully. 

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