Review | Marmalade From Masala Monk – Orange and Whiskey Marmalade

Best Marmalade From Masala Monk - Orange and Whiskey Marmalade

For the ones who are intrigued by the name of the product, your time is about to be invested in reading the most amazing review for an amazing product – an Orange and Whiskey Marmalade.

But I know how the world is confused between a jar of marmalade and a bottle of jam. And some of you might not be sure of what marmalade is. Don’t worry, I have got all the information that you need to know about an Orange and Whiskey Marmalade and why it is such an amazing food product. So continue reading.

What Is A Marmalade?

Well, first things first, a marmalade is not a jam. It differs from it in all ways possible, from taste to its preparation. They have their own fan club and different methods of being processed too.

While a bottle of jam is mainly prepared from the fruit juices, a cute little jar of marmalade comprises of not just the juice but also the peel of the fruit. Yes, that is right. The mixture of fruit juices and their peels are boiled in water to form a concentrate with optimum amounts of added sugar in it.

For the choice of these fruits, the ones which are rich in citric acid and often called the citrus fruits are the right fit for a marmalade. And the bitter ones are in the top choice.

Make a note that there are plenty of citrus fruits available with nature but an orange marmalade is the most common variant of the food item. That is because of the high citric content of the fruit.

Moving on to the next fact on marmalade, the nutrition table.

Nutritional Value Of The Orange And Whiskey marmalade

The nutrition in any food product that we eat entirely depends on how is it processed and what kind of natural food items are used.

You have now understood all about the orange but curious where the flavor of whiskey comes in? You are about to find out.

In a jar of this Orange and Whiskey Marmalade, the major contributions are from orange and its peels and a lower percentage is offered by the whiskey flavor. Though, it is one of the world’s most loved taste blender yet contributes only 3% of the entire production.

That was all about the major contributions in the making but, the following numbers are going to make you buy that jar of Orange and Whiskey Marmalade right now. For every 100 grams of this amazing marmalade, you will have:

  • Energy: 1176/277 kJ/ kCal
  • Carbohydrates: 67.2 grams
  • Protein: 0.3 grams
  • Fat: 0 grams
  • Sugar: 65 grams

If you are not convinced that something so tasty can also be so healthy then its time you try that out and find out for yourself just like I did.

Where To Find A Jar Of Orange and Whiskey Marmalade?

I know many of you were already interested in trying the product and now that you know how great and natural this is, you are probably going to surf the internet for it. But no trouble for that either. I am going to share the website through which I got the finest quality of the Orange and Whiskey Marmalade delivered and tell you about my experience with it too.

So I ordered one jar of this marmalade from Masala Monk and while I was surfing through the pages, it looks like they have some great taste for the variety of products they offer. But I was strictly looking for the Orange and Whiskey Marmalade and yes, I found it.

While I added the details that were required for home delivery, the order confirmation page told me that it will take up to 15 days to have the delicacy delivered to me. Well, it was tough but I was patient and the packet was delivered to me within the deadline mentioned.

What To Find Enclosed With Orange and Whiskey Marmalade?

When the package was opened, it found an adequate amount of bubble wrap to keep the glass jar containing  300 grams of Orange and Whiskey Marmalade safe from any damages.

Without any delay, I opened the lid of the glass jar and found the blend of orange and whiskey to be tempting than ever. Next step was towards my kitchen, grabbing a slice of bread to try my most recent purchase.

The Fine Ways Of Enjoying An orange and Whiskey Marmalade

Well, no doubt that the most common way is to spread it on slices of bread but there are many other ways to enjoy the perfect taste that has been served by Masala Monk.

  1. The breakfast oatmeal: If you think you need to add sugar but refrain from adding any extra calories then take a smart step and add just one tablespoon of this marmalade to give your day a great start.
  2. The filling yogurt: Yogurt, when combined with some muesli, is one of my favorite snack time recipes. And with a spoon full of the Orange and Whiskey Marmalade, the taste is even better.
  3. The tart shell: Take the tart shell to a whole new level by filling in some of this marmalade and you’ll never forget the taste.
  4. The homemade mock tail: If you are fond of experimenting with food then try out your next glass of homemade mock tail with this great marmalade.
  5. A pancake icing: Though, icing is more common with cakes and pastries, you can always loop in the pancakes that too with a marmalade.

Given this, it was all about the Orange and Whiskey Marmalade which I have been using for a couple of weeks now and the taste is still the same. I suggest you share some of your recipes with the food product too.

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